is a project by Dave Hakkens aimed at boosting plastic recycling on a global scale. The means of doing so have been shared openly, for free. Learn more here... (seriously, its worth it)

Since 2016 I have been working with the online community, experimenting with low-cost recycling methods and adapting the machines to the South African context. In 2018 I went to the Netherlands where I spent a year helping develop Version 4.

You can view my contributions here.


2019 - Focusing an entire year on the Extrusion machine. Experimenting and documenting new production techniques and working on the Product Design team. Soaking up all that is Precious Plastic.

2018 - Venture the Precious Plastic HQ in Eindhoven, NL to work with designers, engineers, developers and chefs from all over the world to help develop the fourth version of the project.

2018 - Collaboration with The Coloured Cube. Helping create a functional Precious Plastic workplace at their makerspace in the center of Johannesburg. 

2017 - Collaboration with SeeSawDo. Helping set up their stand for the V&A Waterfront Ocean Festival with Injection machine parts, custom moulds and acquired intel. 

2017 - Worked with the University of Johannesburg as the Industrial Design workshop CNC supervisor - in this time building and adapting the PP machines with low-cost local materials.

2016 - Initial involvement with Precious Plastic was through a university project aimed at designing a personal condom carrier. You can follow the entire process here.