an exercise in refinement

this was one of the favourite projects I did during my Industrial Design studies at the University of Johannesburg.

While I feel this was still relatively early in my course and I had much to learn and practice, the reason I liked it so much was due to the amount of times I completely reconceived the design. While developing each concept I thought would be "the one", I 
(of course) came into problems of manufacturability, cost or ease of assembly. It was a project that I stuck with, through every block, and drew up each decision taken or not taken. The dive into each concept ensured that the one I took into the final prototype was the best possible solution. It's all part of the design process and quite obvious looking back, however this was one of the first projects that I truly delved into and proved to myself what pushing a concept was about. I also had more time than usual to spend on making the final prototype.

You can view the full project here.




An exploration into different cordless drills. Massive focus was placed on user testing and tangible prototypes were vital for every step of the process. You can view the full project here.